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Ode to the last day

Students gather for Devin's math -science final presentation on Sir Isaac Newton.

Today was so nice to sit in with the students as an audience member for some of the humanities presentations. Being a part of this school has been a wonderful, challenging, and heartfelt experience and as I am happy to have the long summer days in front of me, I will miss the presence of these bright minds and kind souls.

Math and Science final presentations were the past two weeks as well as some hands on old timey projects! While it is true that I have probably taken too many photos in the past month, I really want to share three high points: a visit from geologist and archaeologist Don Corrick, the old timey projects (making pigments from flowers, making paper, and pickling as a form of food preservation), and celebrating the final M/Sci student presentations !

Mr. Corrick brought in some amazing fossils, rocks, and minerals including prehistoric crocodile teeth, and scute! In the photos you'll see some 65 million year old vertebrae too. He focused on the history of life here in Texas as that is his specialty since he works in Big Bend, and he also gave students a run down on how to pursue this as a career. It was a wonderful visit. As a special treat for our guest, students prepared a solution (water and a powdered drink mix) and a heterogenous mixture (AKA a nice gluten free pasta salad). I still can't believe I was holding something that has a timeline tracing back 65 millions years!!!

Students had mixed feelings about putting their fingers in the pulpy water, but I think in the end alls well that ends well. It's always fun to hear someone say, "grossssssssss!" Prior to the paper making the M/W class also made pressed flowers and experimented with getting the pigment out of the colorful flowers. Both classes got to use my Nature ID app to do a little research and documentation.

And some bonus photos from plant identification research!

Here's to wishing everyone a very happy summer!

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