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Look Back in Learning 2022

Summer is a wonderful time to dodge the heat by sitting in some shade and contemplating the past school year. Or, if you're like me, hitting the nearest wifi hotspot in an air-conditioned space indoors. Which is where I currently am, looking out the window at some lovely shaded areas, if that counts.

Our first full year of schooling has been wonderful. It is truly a joy to see students embracing their education and, at the same time, trying new things. We've explored themes such as Social Media and Technology, Community and Activism, and Money. I wanted to share a few projects that the students created throughout the last semester.

Community and Activism - Our students and Parents joined forces with Still Waters Retreat Center and planted a butterfly garden at the entrance of Still Waters. Now the Monarchs and all their floaty friends have another "stop off for refueling" site here in Austin along their migratory path.

Money - Along with learning about how money works, financial advice for teens from the FDIC, and a plethora of old-school money songs, students endeavored to create their own currency using stamp making! $$$$

Subcultures - Students examined subcultures created through movements in History, Literature, and Art. We surveyed the French Zazous, the Edelweiss Pirates, Mexican-American Zoot Suits, Riot Girls, and Anarcho punks to name but a few. Students finished their unit with the creation of their own subculture Zines.

Utopias - We moved through Utopias looking at Sir Thomas More's work on the subject. We visited Pedernales Falls to examine the development of this natural utopia in the Hill Country with a talk by Don Corrick on the formation of the limestone in the area. And students again finished out their Unit with the creation of their own Utopia through map-making and diorama creation.

All in all, the year finished out spectacularly! Teenagers never cease to awe me with their intellect, daring, and expression. I am ever thankful to be in this vocation. I learn so much as I teach. I am looking forward to next year, but for now, I rest.

And, I didn't even mention the trip to Pioneer Farms! A few pics to end out then. Happy Summer!

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Byron Ellington
Byron Ellington
Jun 24, 2022


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