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Student & Parent Reviews

Word on the Street

As a parent of a highly curious, vocal, and "outside the box thinker" of a kid, The Hedge School, led by Dr. Erin Flynn, has given me a place where I feel safe sending him; where I witness not just acceptance, but a warm welcome to my son's way of moving through life, and encouragement of his exploration of ideas and insights. The Hedge School is a place of safety, compassion, joy, and sharing, where kids can be who they are, as they learn about their world.” 

Maya D. - Parent

What I like about the hedge school is that I can see and talk to people in real life, I can spend time outdoors, and even learn outside!It's really cool to read Walt Whitman as we sit in a field, or see wildlife walking past as we discuss essay writing.

Abi C. - Student

The course was incredibly fun and I’m sad it only lasted four weeks. While my favorite part was always the discussions, the writing parts were quite lovely as well.  The setting was also incredible. Still Waters is beautiful and when the weather is right (cool breeze, warm sun), it feels 100% amazing.

Byron L. - Student

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