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The Hedge School Oracle, Issue Three: Continuing the Reading of "Julius Caesar."

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022.

Today we continued reading Shakespeare's play 'Julius Caesar.'

We were joined by two new students who were shadowing for the day, who joined us in on our reading.

Topics that have been discussed are (that are related to the reading):

  • Honesty/bluntness v. rudeness.

  • Two sides of a single coin in a person.

  • Fraternal love.

  • What the Roman Empire was like: "focused, unbothered with emotions, etc."

  • Was Caesar's ghost a dream or a ghost?

  • What is dreaming?

After we finished act four, we went to lunch. When we returned we wrote about either a dream that we felt impacted by, a dream we felt prophesized something, or the witness of Julius Caesar's ghost by Brutus. From there, we proceeded to work on our independent projects.

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