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The Hedge School Oracle, Issue Two: The Beginning of “Julius Caesar.”

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022.

The entirety of the Hedge School student body was together in class today, which is how the class is intended to be structured until the end of the school year on May 26.

The students have brought in the dioramas they've been working on for the last unit, with the topic of creating a representation of one’s vision of a Utopia.

Today also marked the beginning of our reading of the play Julius Caesar (originally titled The Tragedie of Ivlivs Cæsar) by William Shakespeare, first performed on September 21, 1599, in the Globe Theatre located in London, England.

The roles and their players (descriptions primarily taken from No Fear Shakespeare’s publication of the play):

  • Julius Caesar - Byron.

    • Caesar is the central character, though not a protagonist. He was a great Roman general who was the first Roman Emperor, though he never declared himself king. This would be his downfall, as many other high-ranking members of the Roman Republic felt threatened by this shift in power—especially since the Republic was originally founded after the toppling of the Kingdom of Rome, with the people proclaiming that their city would never again be a monarchy.

  • Brutus - Casey.

    • Brutus is a high-ranking nobleman, who values Rome's safety and his honor over everything and everyone else. After Caesar returns victorious, Brutus is fearful of how Caesar’s power will affect Rome. Brutus is not motivated by power or envy, but by love for his home. but he makes the mistake of thinking his fellow nobleman shares his honor.

  • Antony - Achilles.

    • Antony is the young and impulsive close friend of Caesar. His loyalty to Julius will stand as a high threat to Brutus and the conspiracy on Caesar’s life.

  • Cassius - Emory.

    • Cassius is the sly, clever manipulator who converts Brutus into the conspiracy by way of lying and tricking him into thinking that not only does the death of Caesar mean Rome's survival, but also that the people supported the assassination.

  • Octavius - Greyson.

    • Octavius is the adopted son and appointed successor to Caesar. He returns after his father’s death, with the intent of defeating Brutus and Cassius and taking back the crown of the Roman Empire.

  • Casca - Alex.

    • Casca is an elected official who envies Caesar and his success. Casca is a key player in the conspiracy.

  • Calphurnia - Syd.

    • Calphurnia is the superstitious wife of Julius Caesar, who warns her husband after having several horrendous nightmares.

  • Portia - Yuri.

    • The wife and confidant of Brutus, Portia is the daughter of a powerful nobleman who sides with Caesar. She is suspicious and disturbed when her husband doesn’t speak his mind when she finds him troubled.

  • Flavius - Amelia.

    • Flavius is a nobleman who—along with Marullus—condemned the people of Rome for cheering for Caesar when they used to cheer for his rival, Pompey.

  • Murellus - Robbie.

    • Murellus is a nobleman who—along with Flavius—condemned the people of Rome for cheering for Caesar when they used to cheer for his rival, Pompey.

  • Cicero - Sufyan.

    • Cicero is a well-known and respected senator for his oratorical skill. He is later killed by order of Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus after the death of Caesar.

  • Lepidus - Riley.

    • After the death of Caesar, Lepidus joins Octavius and Antony in their coalition. Though Anthony dislikes and distrusts Lepidus, Octavius trusts in Lepidus’ loyalty.

  • Decius - Frankie.

    • An important member of the conspiracy, Decius is the one to convince Caesar that Calphurnia misinterpreted her nightmares and that the Senate holds no danger to him. Decius is the one to lead Caesar straight into the conspirators, resulting in Caesar's death.

  • Narrator & Extras - Doc Flynn.

    • Stage directions and minor characters. After Caesar’s death, Byron plays the latter.

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